Designs for all Granola products are available for free on my GitHub. I hope that releasing these designs will inspire or help you with your own projects. Or, if you just want a controller for yourself but don't want to pay me for it, that is totally fine too!

Looking for a fun project?

To be honest, my products are not designed with hobbyists and DIYers in mind. The design is minimal, the assembly is quick and there is not a lot of space for remixing/personalization. If you are building your first arcade stick, there are many more flexible designs to work from. One great place to start is the Flatbox by jfedor2. The Flatbox uses the same GP2040-CE firmware as Granola controllers, and shares a lot of its hardware components as well. Plus, you don’t need any SMT soldering skills to put it together. The Flatbox is much better suited to a home hobbyist project than my controllers. If you are building your own stick, I highly recommend it.

Legal stuff

This part is important, so please read it before you download the files. While my controllers have an open source license and I released the files for free, there are some conditions you need to agree to if you want to use the design for your projects.

My controllers are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. In simple terms, this means you are welcome to use or remix these designs to build your own controllers free of cost. You are not permitted to sell my controllers commercially, or republish the designs without attribution and carrying this license forward into the new design. For more information, see the license file in the GitHub repository.

Design files

The Summit design files are here on my GitHub. You can also find the designs for my previous controllers, the TrailMix and Raindrop, on my profile page.

The PCB and schematics were designed in KiCAD, a free CAD modeling software. You will need KiCAD to open the project files.

The case files are .step files, which should be accepted by most 3d modeling or slicing software. I also include the bill of materials, gerber files and part placement files if you want to order the PCBs on JLCPCB or another vendor.

All design files for controllers are provided as-is with no warranty.

If you build your own stick from my design, please share it with me. I would love to see it! We have a design channel in the Granola Discord that you can also use to show your work.