If you need support or you have a question about Granola Arcade controllers, you can get help in two places:

I accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of receiving your controller. But if you are having problems, let's try some troubleshooting first!

Common issues

Where is the manual?

The manual for the Summit controller can be found here on this site.

For more advanced configuration, the full manual for GP2040-CE firmware can be found on their website.

My controller is behaving funny!

If your controller isn't working as expected, it might have been accidentally set to a different console. This is a good first step for any troubleshooting.

You change consoles by holding down different buttons as you plug in the controller:

  • A for Nintendo Switch
  • B for XInput/PC (default)
  • X for DirectInput/PS3
  • Y for PS4
  • R1 for Xbox One/Xbox Series
  • R2 for Keyboard

    Make sure your controller is set to the appropriate console before proceeding with other troubleshooting steps.

    My direction buttons quit working all of a sudden!

    The d-pad mode was probably changed. You can change it to the default "Left Analog" by holding Start+Select+Left while the controller is plugged in. For more info see D-pad Settings in the manual.

    My A/B and X/Y buttons are switched!

    This can happen if the controller is set to Nintendo Switch console mode, or if the Steam controller settings have "Use Nintendo Button Layout" enabled. If you disable this setting, your buttons should match the button layout below:

    My controller stops working sometimes! (PC)

    If your controller disconnects for seemingly no reason, it could be an issue with the controller, its software, or your PC.

    There are a few settings in Steam and Windows that can help with random disconnects:

    1. in Steam, right-click your game and go to "Properties" then "Controller" and disable Steam input
    2. in Steam controller settings, change the "Idle Gamepad Shutdown Timeout" to "Never"
    3. in Device Manager, find your USB adapters and in the "Power Management" tab, turn off "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

    If changing these settings doesn't help, you can try a different USB cable or USB port on your computer.

    You can also try reinstalling the controller firmware. See the manual for instructions on how to do this.

    If you still experience issues after these troubleshooting steps, feel free to reach out over email or on discord and you can get further support.

    My controller isn't working! (PS4/PS5)

    First, plug in the controller while holding down the Y button to get to PS4/PS5 mode. If you aren’t sure if you did this step properly, you can plug the controller into a PC and go to “Set up USB game controllers” in your settings and make sure it says PS4.

    Once you plug in a controller into the PS4/PS5, you need to press the PS button to log in with your Playstation profile. The PS button is set to "Home" by default (second menu button from the right).

    My controller stops working after a few minutes! (PS4/PS5)

    Out of the box, your controller will connect to PS4 or PS5, but it will time out and lose connectivity after ~8 minutes. If you provide authentication to the consoles, you can play indefinitely. Unfortunately, the only way to reliably test if the authentication is configured correctly is to connect to your console and wait 8 minutes.

    Here are some common troubleshooting steps depending on which kind of authentication you are using:

    Passthrough Mode

    Make sure you have a compatible device plugged in to the USB port on the top of your controller. In the GP2040-CE Web Configurator, make sure the "PS4 Passthrough" add-on is enabled and the PS4 controller is set to "Arcade Stick" mode (NOT "Gamepad"). Make sure the controller is set to PS4 mode.


    If your controller works normally but has problems while using a converter, you should test the converter with another controller if you can to make sure it is functioning properly. Make sure the converter is plugged in correctly and your controller is set to a console mode that the converter can understand.

    PS4 Keys

    We can't provide direct troubleshooting for the PS4 keys method of authentication. If you want to use this method there are other resources online you can use for configuration and troubleshooting. Google is your friend!

    I have a sticky or loose button, what do I do?

    I test each button thoroughly before sending it out, but in case you experience this issue, please reach out over email or in the Discord and I will happily send you a replacement switch or cap.

    My button cap broke, what do I do?

    If you bought your controller recently please reach out and I'll replace it! Otherwise, I sell replacement switches and caps or you can find them on Aliexpress, Amazon and hobbyist keyboard websites.

    I have a loose switch, what do I do?

    You can replace the switch easily using the hotswap sockets. If the socket is too loose to reliably hold the switch in place, you can try this repair:

    I need help with my TrailMix or Raindrop!

    The information and troubleshooting pages for the previous Granola controllers are still available! You can find them here:

    Otherwise feel free to reach out via Discord or Email.