FAQ (archived)

Product FAQ

What platforms do you support?

Out of the box, the TrailMix and Raindrop supports PC, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, MiSTer and Android.

What about PS4/PS5?

The firmware supports PS4, but I do not provide the license files required by Sony to use it. If you boot the controller in PS4 mode, it will time out after 8 minutes of game time. However, if you have the appropriate license files, you can use the web configuration tool to upload them (see documentation) and then PS4 will be natively supported. Please do not ask me where to find these files as it is not legal for me to distribute them.

For PS5, you need a converter such as the Brook Wingman FGC. With this converter you can run the controller in PS3 or PS4 mode and it will also work with PS5.

What is the button layout of this controller? Where is the joystick?

button mappings

(See this table in the usage manual for button mappings for different consoles.)

The TrailMix and Raindrop are "button box" or “leverless” styles of arcade stick. This means the direction inputs (up, down, left, right) are mapped to the four buttons on the left side, instead of using a traditional joystick lever. This setup allows for faster and more precise inputs, as well as making some inputs that are impossible on a traditional joystick (for example, holding the right and left keys at the same time). The legendary fighting gamer Justin Wong has a great breakdown of how leverless controllers work, you can check it out here:

What firmware do your controllers use?

The firmware that ships with the TrailMix and Raindrop is called GP2040-CE, which is an open source firmware for the RP2040 microcontroller. You can learn more about GP2040-CE on their website.

Why is the price so low compared to other arcade sticks?

My goal is to provide the lowest cost professional-grade arcade sticks available, and every aspect of the product was designed with this in mind. The case and electronics are optimized for fast production, and requires no screws, bolts or additional hardware to put together.

Although there are some compromises to the features and customizability of our sticks, they are still extremely effective and capable as gaming controllers due to the high quality button switches and low latency firmware. The TrailMix and Raindrop are both more than capable of holding their own against arcade controllers that cost 5-10x more.

Are your controllers tournament legal?

Yes. All major fighting game tournaments allow for leverless controller use, however some (like the Capcom Cup) have some specific requirements for how the controller SOCD mode must be set up. The default SOCD behavior for GP2040-CE is up+down=neutral in accordance with most tournament rules. Please check with your tournament coordinators for details. Leverless controllers are increasingly common and so there should be clear guidelines.

How long does it take to process an order?

I aim to ship each order within 1-3 business days. I will contact you if I have any issues with your order.

Do you offer warranty/returns?

I am happy to offer 30 day hassle free returns and exchanges. If you are having technical issues, please reach out on Granola Arcade's discord for help first. I test each TrailMix before sending it out and I am confident you will receive it in working order.

How do you make these sticks?

I currently use JLCPCB to produce the PCB. I print the case and button caps using a 3D printer. I have the parts shipped to my home, where I solder the switches, upload and test the firmware, assemble the case and get it ready to ship out. I currently have no employees, so each controller you order will be carefully handled by yours truly.

Who are you anyway?

My name is Mike! I live in Seattle, WA USA. I previously worked in software development before starting Granola Arcade.

Help FAQ

Where is the manual?

The full usage manual is on the GP2040-CE website.

How do I connect the controller to my PC/console?

Both the TrailMix and Raindrop connects with a USB-C cable. Any cable that supports data will work, you should use one you have lying around! If you need one, I offer a 10ft braided cable for an extra $5 that you can add to your order.

How do I change to a different console/platform?

Hold the controller at an angle so you can see the button labels under the button caps. To select a console, hold the following button as you plug in the controller:

  • B1 for Nintendo Switch
  • B2 for XInput/PC (default)
  • B3 for DirectInput/PS3
  • B4 for PS4
  • R2 for Keyboard

Console select is saved across power cycles.

How do I change SOCD mode?

  • S1 + A1 + UP - Up Priority mode: Up + Down = Up, Left + Right = Neutral (Standard stickless behavior).
  • S1 + A1 + DOWN - Neutral mode: Up + Down = Neutral, Left + Right = Neutral.
  • S1 + A1 + LEFT - Last Input Priority (Last Win): Hold Up then hold Down = Down, then release and re-press Up = Up. Applies to both axes.

SOCD mode is saved across power cycles.

How do I get to the web configurator?

For advanced settings, GP2040-CE has a built in web interface. To get to it, you hold down the S1 button as you plug in the controller. Then open a web browser and access this address:

Note: The GP2040-CE docs say that you should hold S2 as you plug it in - On the TrailMix and Raindrop, the button is S1 instead.

Raindrop FAQ

What are the size dimensions of the Raindrop?

The Raindrop is 230mm x 120mm x 20mm (9" x 5" x 3/4") and weighs 9oz.

What colors can I pick for the Raindrop?

25 available colors
There are 25 different colors to choose from for the Raindrop. You can mix and match the case and button colors, just let me know in the customization field and I will custom make your controller!

What are the button switches used in the Raindrop?

The Raindrop ships with Kailh Choc V2 Red switches. Thanks to the hotswap sockets, you can replace the existing switches with any Choc V1 or V2 switch. The Raindrop case is sized to support most major 24/30mm button cap replacements as well, including the JunkFood, Gamerfinger and others. If you have questions about compatibility, please reach out in the Discord.

How do I take my Raindrop apart?

You can remove the button switches just by pulling them out - they are in hotswap sockets, so you can insert them back in this way as well. Once the switches are removed, if you want to remove the PCB from the case, you can either reach in with pliers and pull the PCB out, or just shake/knock it gently on a soft surface until the PCB comes out far enough to grab with your fingers. That's all there is to it!

TrailMix FAQ

What are the size dimensions of the TrailMix?

The TrailMix is 215mm x 105mm x 16mm (8.5" x 4.15" x 0.6") and weighs 5oz.

What colors can I pick for the TrailMix?

The TrailMix PCB is available in five colors: Green, Purple, Black, White, Blue. You can mix and match the PCB, case and buttons to your liking, just let me know in the customization field!

Does the exposed circuitboard make the TrailMix less durable than other fightsticks?

No, the TrailMix is just as durable as other fightsticks with fully enclosed cases. The circuits and components are printed on FR-4 material, which is extremely durable and relatively UV resistant. It should be able to withstand many thousands of hours of normal gameplay (our playtesters can attest!). I do not recommend poking and prodding at the exposed CPU and other components, as your hands will leave behind oils over time that may eventually cause electrical shorts and other damage. But as long as you do not intentionally handle these components repeatedly over a long period of time, and occasionally clean the surfaces (see below for care instructions), your TrailMix will last for many years.

Which button switch should I pick?

The default choice for most people is the Choc Red Pro S. It has a lighter actuation force than most mechanical switches, which allows for very fast inputs. If you feel more opinionated about what kind of switches you like, we offer these choices:

  • Kailh Choc Red Pro S: Linear switch, 35g actuation force. This is the recommended switch for most people.
  • Kailh Choc Red: Linear switch, 50g actuation force. The buttons will be firmer than the Red Pro switches.
  • Kailh Choc Pink: Linear switch, 20g actuation force. The buttons will be very light.
  • Kailh Choc White: Clicky switch, 50g actuation force. Clicky switches produce an audible sound and a tactile response when pressed. They are not as popular for gaming as linear switches, but some people prefer them.

Can I swap out the keycaps, switches, etc.?

No, I do not recommend making any changes like this to the TrailMix. The switches are soldered in place and cannot be removed without desoldering. The keycaps can sometimes be pulled out from the switches, but they have a tendency to break off in place, leaving the tabs inside of the switch and making them unusable.

If you build your own controller, you can use any Kailh Choc V1 or V2 switch and compatible keycap you want. I do not provide a warranty for this, though. If you are looking for a stick with more customizability, the Raindrop supports Kailh hotswap sockets!