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Granola Arcade

C.A.M.P Kit

C.A.M.P Kit

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View the C.A.M.P Kit guide here!

C.A.M.P. stands for Cardboard Assembly Made Playable. If you add a C.A.M.P Kit to your Granola controller order, you can re-use the box that your controller arrived in to create a fully functional second controller to use or gift! C.A.M.P. kits make an excellent hobby project, and if you've never built an arcade controller before this is a great way to dive in.

The C.A.M.P Kit includes: 

  • Cardboard box: This is the box your kit arrived in.
  • 20x switches: Choose either Gateron or Kailh switches. Gateron switches are less expensive but still totally functional, though they will not work as spare parts for your Granola controller. Kailh switches are what Granola controllers use and are very high quality, but cost a bit more. You will use 18 of them to build the controller, two of them are extra for you to accidentally melt with the soldering iron.
  • 20x switch stakes: These are designed to be inserted into the cardboard box. They give you a template to cut holes, and also a stable base for the switches. Like the switches, you will use 18 to build the controller, and the other two are for you to accidentally step on and break.
  • 20x button caps: You can pick any single color you want! You'll get two 30mm caps and the rest will be 24mm caps.
  • 25ft of stranded wire (26ga): You will cut and strip this wire to connect all your components together.

You will need to provide your own tools, as well as an appropriate PCB. PCBs can be had as low as $5 online, see the C.A.M.P Kit guide for all the details. As always, if you have any questions, reach out via email or the Granola discord!

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