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Granola Arcade

Southpaw Summit

Southpaw Summit

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Southpaw Summit is now available!

Thanks to the reversible PCB on the Granola Summit, I am now offering mirrored layouts for left handed or otherwise sinister individuals. The button layout is mirrored except for the positions of Left/Right and L3/R3 which are switched. You can re-map the button locations using the firmware if you want though!

Another quirk for this case is the exposed USB passthrough port on the top. This is due to the PCB being flipped over. Otherwise this is the same Summit you know, just a bit twisted!

Reach New Heights with the Granola Summit

The Granola Summit is a compact all-button game controller designed by Granola Arcade. It is designed for competitive gaming, maximum affordability and durability.

Out of the box, the Summit supports PC, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, MiSTer and Android. With an additional USB converter or passthrough device (sold separately), you can also play on PS4, PS5, Xbox, Xbox One and Xbox Series. See the manual for more info on passthrough mode and converters.

The Summit is designed, assembled, and ships from Seattle WA USA.


  • Rigid and durable case, printed from PLA Pro in a single piece using an innovative process. Tool-free disassembly and repair!
  • Compact layout with full-sized L3 and R3 buttons. Buttons are spaced only ~3mm close together for fast response times, with button positions optimized for comfortable play with a variety of hand sizes.
  • Stabilizing switch plates for rock-solid buttons that don't wobble.
  • Full-sized menu buttons for easy reach and accessibility.
  • Huge silicone non-slip pad on the back for awesome stability when playing on a desk. This pad comes separately in the box for you to apply yourself, so it's easy to use a different option if you want.
  • Three accessibility ports to map up to six external buttons wherever you like. Use a foot pedal, a dance mat, or anything you want to level up your gameplay!
  • Customizable case and button colors with tons of different colors available! You can customize your controller including mix+match button colors to make it yours.
  • Low latency GP2040-CE firmware packed with features and capabilities. GP2040-CE is under constant development, with new features coming out all the time. The Summit firmware is hackable and upgradable so you can stay up to date with the latest releases.
  • USB Passthrough support for PS4/PS5/Xbox compatibility with no added latency. Just plug in a compatible passthrough device to the USB port along the top and play on current generation consoles!
  • [COMING SOON] Left-handed / mirrored layout options! The Summit PCB is reversible and supports mirrored layouts.


The Summits dimensions are 22cm x 13cm x 2cm (8.5" x 5" x 3/4") and weighs 12oz. It's easy to travel with and doesn't take up much desk space, and the rigid case construction feels hefty and solid.


The Summit uses two different kinds of low profile button switches:

  • Gameplay buttons use Kailh Choc V2 Red switches (Linear 50gf) with high-quality printed button caps with a textured finish.
  • Menu buttons use full sized Kailh Choc V1 White switches (Clicky 50gf) with injection molded button caps by Chosfox.

Kailh is the industry standard low-profile button switch for a reason - They perform incredibly well and last for up to a million button presses. If you want to use different switches, though, you can easily replace the switches on the Summit using the provided hotswap socket capability. No tools or soldering needed!

Want to see more?

You can watch a video overview of the Summit here:

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